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Bringing Back an Unfamiliar Project

Published on
Saturday, January 14, 2023

Greetings Everyone, you guys may be wondering what is happening to my first project as of now. Well if you can ask? Then I have announced that I’m going to bring all of my characters from a project that I did on my three year old account back, and I decided to scrap the Haggle Crackers series entirely since I didn’t find this project to be that interesting due to the low amount of characters, and a ton of development issues. So I decided to bring back the characters from my project that I did a year ago which is Buckley Station. But under a new name, in which the new name for my series/project known as Nachinko Buckets.

What is Nachinko Buckets?

Nachinko Buckets is a surreal comedy that takes inspiration from one of the YouTube videos that I used to watch as a kid as well as my experience of one of the videos that I created using the Toontastic App back in the early 2010s as well for my childhood years. The series centers around a snowboy wearing a bucket on his head named Buckley, an innocent, inquisitive, and optimistic snowman along with his best robot friend and buddy Newbio, a sassy yet bossy female cub named Pasarol and a yet kind-hearted chameleon Chamellia, among many others. All of the characters reside in the city of Nanopolis, a colorful city with a bizarre and surreal nature located somewhere in the state of Massachusetts. The series is set in a fictionalized version of the 21st century.

Like I said earlier, the genre of this series is surreal comedy as the majority of the series is heavily based on the genre due to the main setting of the series has its bizarre and surreal nature to it. Though there could be a ton of clever pop culture references that I put into the series, most of these references were not likely to be taken that seriously.

The rating for this project falls in the PG to PG-13 range. Although most of its content will not contain suggestive/sexual themes, gore/blood/extreme violence, nudity, or any sensitive material into it and there will be absolutely no jokes related to politics or anything that is considered offensive to one or another. Although it may contain mild language and comic mischief into it along with its slapstick violence into it akin like a Looney Tunes style.

Information about the Webcomic

The webcomic series will be in a series of strips as all of these comics will be posted on all of my social media and my portfolio accounts excluding Newgrounds and Art Fight. It will also be posted on Tapas as well as my website in which it will contain all the comics contained on my website.

Is Nachinko Buckets be your only focus on art?

As one of the main projects, I’ll still be drawing one of my mascot Gavior, along with my other future projects. Nachinko Buckets isn’t going to be my only focus on art, because there are tons of projects that are also focused on art as well including my aforementioned mascot that I mentioned earlier.

But don’t worry, because I’ll still post more art focusing on my mascot along with more fanart coming in the way.

Here is the link to the official page of my project here

If you guys have any questions whatsoever. Feel free to contact me on one of my social media accounts, if you have no questions.

Then I’ll see you later...

Eric (would perfer to say my first name), January 14, 2023

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