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May Update + Demographic Shift

Published on
Monday, May 8, 2023

Hello once again!

My name is Eric, and I have made a further update regarding my independent studio known as Gadeton. Let’s begin shall we?

So first and foremost, What is Gadeton exactly?

Unless you have read the “About” page on my website please skip this if you already know it.

If you can tell by the name of my studio, Gadeton is an independent studio made by me as it is considered to be the evolution of my past independent studios such as Quixolite, Kixubug, you name them all (though I really don’t like mentioning my past independent studios names by the way). As you can tell by the slogan for my independent studio, the slogan is “Retrofuturism of Entertainment”, which implies that one of my illustrations as well for my art style is heavily inspired from the art style in the late 90s to the 2000s. I’ve decided for my independent studio to focus more on quality rather than quantity. Since making too many series would be a time-consuming task to create from comics, to anything that would give me quite some stress.

So I have the opportunity of creating something that I could come up with from one of my experiences through my childhood and others that I could think through my mind. I’ve been drawing a ton of illustrations for a decade and boy it was a wild ride to have me experience this.

I’ve been working hard on one of my projects like Nachinko Buckets for example, in which it is planned to be released once I get the pilot of the script done, so I can start animating the pilot episode of the series.

However, there is something that I need to discuss that's been coming through my mind lately.

I was thinking of shifting the demographic of my independent studio to a more older demographic somewhere that is between the preteens (8-12) and the teens/young adult demographic (13-21). For what I have gather I was originally going to make my independent studio to focus more on the action, but I decided to scrap it in favor of a style that would take some influence from companies like 2Spot Studios for example and a ton of Newgrounds animations as well for the illustrations from the 2000s as well as many DeviantArt artist from the 2000s that have a similar style as well.

As a result of the demographic being shifted to a more slightly older audience, there will be some changes to one of my future projects, and here is a list of everything.

Fierwood and my other future project are merged to form The Renenocks!

That’s right, my project Fierwood as well for my other future project featuring my character such as Monelope, Natochi, etc. are being merged back into The Renenocks. Meaning that I reverted my project back to Renetack. The reason why I made this decision is that I find the two of them to be quite similar to one another and the fact that the other future project set to be release in 2024 or later would not reach its quality and I deemed that this project seems to be too similar to Nachinko Buckets and the fact that demographic of my project did not reach its potential standards than I expected to be. So I decided to give myself the opportunity to merge the two together once again, and bring back three characters Boltrice, Innoton (now renamed Isaac), and Omeliot (now renamed Ollie). But this time, I decided to make it quite different as Isaac is now the main protagonist of my series with Boltrice and Ollie being the secondary protagonist as well. I also plan on rewriting most of the personalities and traits to all three of them, while giving Boltrice and Ollie a few traits from an old project back in 2019 known as Synthetic Charms, the project that the two originated from.

Here are the new designs for Boltrice, Isaac, and Ollie that can be seen down below:

I’m planning on reposting most of my characters that I drew on social media as well as updating their bios on my DeviantArt page. If you want more information about this project, please contact me on my other social media accounts as well as using my email. Let’s go on to the next change.

Further changes to Nachinko Buckets

As a result of me shifting the demographic to my independent studio, Nachinko Buckets will have some minor changes to the project as listed down below:

  • An unnamed minor French kid antagonist and Crunch are removed from the series I believe that the unnamed French kid antagonist was deemed to be too similar to Nerdy from A Day with Bowser Jr, and as for Crunch, I just don’t find Crunch to be that interesting to me as he feels like a carbon copy to Lorne from Kid vs. Kat.
  • Valentina Vinci and Heather Cameron will be moved to the role as voicing additional voices for each of the side or background characters in the show as a result of the removal of a minor French kid antagonist and Crunch.
  • I’m planning to rewrite some of the character’s personalities since I find some of the characters to be either too cliche, stereotypical, or rather too similar to my characters for one of my future projects.
  • Most of the surreal nature to the series is removed entirely, but parodies and references are still present though. The reason why the surreal nature is removed from the series is because of the changes that I made to the main location of Nadoville, as it doesn’t have any surreal nature to it anymore, though it still keeps the strange nature to it as many of the rules in the city is still strange akin like Wayside School.
  • Nanopia has been renamed to Nadoville

I think that’s pretty much it for all of the changes that I made for one of my two projects as a result of the demographic shift. To sum that up, I just wanted to try something new in order for me to achieve the quality that many creators out there that have their passion on their project and I could agree with anyone that do support independent creators throughout the world with animation studios such as Glitch Productions and other independent animators around the world, as well as indie game developers like Matt Makes Games and others that have their passion as well. So I want to focus more on the quality of one of my projects and hope it will be a hit for many audiences around here and knowing that it will reach the quality that I would expect to see for my future projects.

So with that out of the way, I hope you understand my decision to shift the demographic to a slightly older audience while keeping all of my projects safe for work. If you have any further questions please contact me via email or one of my social media accounts.

Anyways, I’ll see you then.

Eric (would perfer to say my first name), May 8, 2023

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