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Buckley is an innocent, inquisitive, and optimistic snowboy with a bucket on his head who tends to have a habit of lying down on the floor reflecting through his imagination which leads him into a ton of creative or at times bizarre situations. Buckley has a bucket as his signature accessory and has his responsibility of keeping his bucket, but when he loses his bucket, he panics whenever he loses it. Buckley does have a clumsy nature as he tends to catch one foot on somethingre sulting him to stumble on the floor. Despite his clumsiness,he still cares about his friends and he does have some positive moments here and there.

  • Buckley's design takes a lot inspiration of my very old ROBLOX avatar that dates back around late 2014. The only parts that he lacked are a carrot nose and two buttons made out of stone on the top of the bottom button.
    • Buckley's personality and characteristics takes a ton of influence from Lovesoratchi from the late seasons of Tamagotchi, Max from Max and Ruby, and Oshawott from the Pokemon franchise
  • So far, Buckley is one of the few characters who's design remains unchanged aside from changing his shirt number to "00", in which his original shirt number as "03".