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Chamellia is a ditzy but kind-hearted, very optimistic and extroverted chameleon who is described as a party animal with a very positive energy, though she does have some of her flaws as she can be much of a scatterbrained but is technically not that stupid as she can be quite clever when it comes to surreal situations and Earth customs. Compare to one of her friends, Chamellia seems to have a hard time understanding anything other than having a good sense of surrealism due to her voice and she can be a bit talkative and hyperactive at times. But she does seems to care much about her friends as she seems to enjoy socializing them without having single problem of it.

  • Chamellia was originally going to be either a slug or a frog, and her gender was going to be male, but I decided to use her chameleon design and make her a female instead.
  • Out of all of the characters, Chamellia has the most changes out of the main cast, with her designs being changed from time to time as well as for her name being changed from Chamellia, to Dandelia, then Deliana, and finally changing her name back to Chamellia, since her name is based on her appearance and specie.
  • Chamellia's personality and characteristics takes further inspiration from Mimi from Eliot Kid, the only differences from her inspiration is that Chamellia doesn't seem to have a crush on any boy around her.
    • Chamellia seems to have a few influence from Milo from Fish Hooks.