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Joey is a rebellious but cool, calm, collective, and clever at times kangaroo mouse who is Shack's best friend and partner, who describes himself as a wise guy who isn't willing to give up a challenge that goes in his way. Unlike Shack, Joey seems to be more optimistic and friendly compare to him; as he is shown to be much confident to himself. Though he does have a share amount of flaws as he can be implusive, rash, and a bit conceited, although he isn't always that selfish or acts like a jerk to one another. Joey has a strong bond and relationship towards Shack and is the only person who doesn't treat him badly as he is shown to have much respect and caring towards him.

  • Joey's design is based off of two of my old characters that I created back a few years ago known as Canelope and Pasaran.
    • Joey's gender was going to be female, but I decided to make him male instead.
    • His specie was originally meant to be a kangaroo, but I decided to make him more of a kangaroo mouse, since I find that specie to be much more interesting than a regular kangaroo.
  • Joey's appearance and personality is based off of Podochi from my scrapped project back a couple of months ago, through his shirt and pants as well as a red handband on his head.