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Joey is an energetic, outgoing, yet very competitive kangaroo mouse who loves sports as well as making jokes, Joey seems to have a very strong relationship with Shack as he describes him as his best buddy as both of love to the things that they like. Joey is shown to be much of a wisecracker when it comes to comedic situations especially to his buddy Shack. While Joey may be the funniest person around, Joey has some of his flaws around as he can be quite impulsive yet brash at times as he sometimes acts before thinking. Despite this, Joey seems to be quite of a funny guy who doesn't seem to be more of a troublemaker and does have a good heart to himself and Shack.

  • Joey's design is based off of two of my old characters that I created back a few years ago known as Canelope and Pasaran.
    • Joey's gender was going to be female, but I decided to make him male instead.
    • His specie was originally meant to be a kangaroo, but I decided to make him more of a kangaroo mouse, since I find that specie to be much more interesting than a regular kangaroo.
  • Joey's appearance and personality is based off of Podochi from my scrapped project back a couple of months ago, through his shirt and pants as well as a red handband on his head.