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Mr. Toaddis

Mr. Toaddis is a busy, competent, yet straight-man anthropomorphic frog who serves as the CEO of an American video game and electronic manufacturing company known as Toaddis Electronics Inc. Mr. Toaddis seems to be determined and ambitious of his goals to keep the business alive as he is shown to have much caring and respect to his employees and his workers. While Toaddis does seem be confident over his duties of being a CEO, Mr. Toaddis can be a bit short-tempered at times especially when he accidently spills his coffee on his suit.

  • Mr. Toaddis design is based off a king frog plush that I tend to own when I was little, through his design and colors.
  • At 5'7", Mr. Toaddis is the tallest character out of the main cast.
  • Mr. Toaddis was originally name Etermare, later Toaddin, and finally Toaddis, as his original design was going to be a devil frog, but I decided to change his appearance to be more of a regular toad instead.
    • Mr. Toaddis was originally going to be the main antagonist of the series and was originally going to be a comedic villain who is destined to take over the city, but I decided to change him to a cult leader, then later a CEO of a company that he owns.
  • Mr. Toaddis personality and characteristics takes much influence from Mr. Kidswatter from the Wayside book series due to the fact they both of them are quick-to-anger and tends to accidently spill their coffee on their suit as well as the President from Monster vs. Aliens since both of them are determined, except Mr. Toaddis is not that dimwitted nor implusive unlike his influence.
    • Mr. Toaddis might have a little influence from Tom from The Powerpuff Girls as both of them to busy and competent, the only differences between him and that of his influence is that Toaddis is less strict and doesn't seem to take his role as a CEO quite seriously, even though he tends to get angry when he spills coffee.