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Newbio is a robot who is unable to speak as he can only make a sound of a computer noise whenever he talks or respond to someone during a conversation. Despite Newbio not having the ability to speak like the rest of his friends, Newbio is a calm and friendly robot who is always willing to help out others in need and is shown to have much of strong relationship towards his best buddy Buckley. Despite his friendliness, Newbio can be shy and anxious at times, especially when it comes to strange situations surrounding him causing Newbio to be quite skeptical and unsure regarding on the situations that he encounters wither if it's good or sometimes bad.

  • Newbio's original name Riot and has a different design until he receives another design, and his name was changed in early August with a new name being Alpher in which he was originally going to be a genius and have a visual headset on his head. But was changed completely in order to make his appearance based on the design that I got inspired from, though not having the ability to fully talk like the rest of the characters in the series.
  • Newbio's design takes inspiration from my "Mario" model made out of Mega Bloks that I made back in the early 2010s, although his overall appearance bear a resemblance to a LEGO minifigure.
    • His color palette is heavily based on the Japanese model of an NES toy robot accessory known as R.O.B.
  • The name "Newbio" is portemanteau for "newbie" meaning an inexperienced newcomer to a particular activity, and the Japanese word for "雄 (o)" meaning hero or manly.
  • Newbio is one of the few characters along with Buckley to have his design completely unchanged from his previous one, aside from his name change.
  • Newbio is the only character to lack a mouth.