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Pasarol is often mistaken to be a cute and innocent as Pasarol herself doesn't like to be called cute by the way, Pasarol is a sassy, sarcastic, and vain bear cub who enjoys hosting tea parties and fashion. Pasarol loves being the center of attention and being the one to shine in the spotlight, although she can be peeved and jealous whenever someone ignores her as she doesn't like being ignored by anyone. Despite her vain personality, she is shown to have a spunky and an assertive side, as she seems to have much courage compare to her friends and doesn't seem to be afraid of ghosts or any monsters at all. She can also be friendly, kind, and selfless when it comes to her friends that she cares about.

  • Pasarol's design and appearance takes further inpsiration from Chiffon from Fresh Pretty Cure, Sassy Cat from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and Judy from Animal Crossing, and her personality might have been inspired by Rabbid Peach from Mario + Rabbids, Jigglypuff from the Pok√©mon anime series, and Mimi from Super Paper Mario.
  • Pasarol's original name was Cupcake, and her design is based on her cupcake appearance, but since I find her name to be too generic and her design to be too similar to Nilla Cream from Num Noms, I decide to come up with a more suitable name for her in which I called her Pasarol, in which it is a misspelled word for "Parasol" as well as changing her appearance with her hair being different.