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Shack is a cynical, pessmistic, and sarcastic small sack bag with buttons on his face, a frying pan on his head, and two socks connected to his body who describes himself as the only sane guy in Nadoville with a common sense. Shack is Joey's best friend and partner who acts as Joey's straight man as well as the voice of reason to Joey. Due to his personality and blunt expressions, Shack has a very hard time getting along with almost everyone (except for Joey) in Nadoville, even going as far as describing himself as the unluckiest person in the city. Deep down to his heart, he does have a much caring and respect to his friend as he is shown to be polite and modest towards him.

  • Shack's design is heavily based off of Sackshely, in which he was originally going to be a partner of Pasarol (formerely Cupcake) and was originally a female character, but I later decide to give him a complete overhaul after I decided to revamp the entire series, with his gender now being male and having a frying pan on his head as his signature accessory, as well as now having his own buddy of his named Joey.
  • At 2'6", Shack is the shortest character of the main cast.