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Shack is a small sand bag with buttons on his face, a frying pan on his head and two socks connected to his body who is just your average dude who likes listening to funky music, reading a ton of comic books, and playing video games. Shack is shown to have a bond with Joey when it comes to comedic situations. Shack seems to be rather pessimistic, sarcastic, and cynical who has a hard time dealing with the city's bizarre and surreal nature as he seems to get very suspicious and skeptical about the city's nature and tone as he is one of the few people who has common sense. However, he does have some of his moments as he is shown to be honest and kind to his friends that supports him.

  • Shack's design is heavily based off of Sackshely, in which he was originally going to be a partner of Pasarol (formerely Cupcake) and was originally a female character, but I later decide to give him a complete overhaul after I decided to revamp the entire series, with his gender now being male and having a frying pan on his head as his signature accessory, as well as now having his own buddy of his named Joey.
    • Shack design was originally going to be a sackbag, but I decided to change his design based to a sandbag, since his appearance is based on it, and because the fact that I changed his gender to a male.
  • At 1'7", Shack is the shortest character of the main cast.