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Vivian is a cheerful and inquisitive lotus who tends to show up randomly towards Joey and Shack and often greets with them in a polite manner. Vivian seems to have much interest on seeing new things around her as she is shown to be adventurous, though she can a bit clumsy and silly at times and is willing to forgive her clumsiness and admits it. Vivian is able to produce at least one fireball whenever she gets angry or gets excited. Unlike the rest of the characters, Vivian is shown to be socially awkward when it comes to doing activites that Joey and Shack do, like learning the concept of baseball and dancing. Aside from this, she is shown to have a big heart towards to the two of them.

  • Vivian's design takes inspiration from the Volcano Lotus from Super Mario World, which happens to be a terrestial variant of Lava Lotus from Super Mario Bros. 3, Panser from Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario USA in Japan), and Bellossom from Pokemon
  • Vivian was originally going to wear shoes like Newbio and Mr. Toaddis, but I decided to not include them, since I like the way her design looks.
  • Vivian is the only character to not have an original design, unlike the rest of the cast, though she serves as a replacement for Hardee.