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The cheerful, friendly, and easygoing female dog who enjoys skateboarding as well as drawing graffiti as she is shown to have some artistic talents when it come to graffiti. While Boltrice does seems to be in a mood for graffiti and skateboarding, Boltrice can be ditzy, clumsy, and a bit naive at times, especially by the fact that she is rather socially awkward compare to one of her friends, though she always tend to forgive her mistakes to them as she seems to be a nice dog.

  • Boltrice originally came from an abandoned project that I created back in the summer of 2019 when I was 15-16 at the time known as Synthetic Charms, in which her original name was Bonette, as this character took much inspiration from a character that I did back then.
  • Boltrice is the only character who remains unchanged through her personalities and hobbies that she likes, with the only change of that is her personality in which her personality is now expanded.
  • Boltrice has had a ton of changes throughout the years and is the only primary character to have most of them.
  • Boltrice's favorite snack happens to be nachos and biscuits (except the ones that contains chocolate).
  • There is a 50% chance that Boltrice could get caught doing graffiti as it is an act of vandalism.
  • The first names of the species of the main characters spells out the acronyms for the word DOS, in which it is an operating-system made by Microsoft for x86-based computers made by Microsoft.
    • The first letter of their names makes up for the acronyms of BIO as well without the s.