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A calm, shy, and anxious otter who isn't willing to talk to any strangers surrounding him as he comes off as reserve and reclusive towards them. But when it comes to his friends that he trust, Isaac is shown to be friendly, loyal, and kind-hearted as he's shown to have a much caring towards his friends and gets along with them very well. Unfortunately for Isaac, he is shown to be the easy target to humiliate at Tortier Middle School; as most of the students tend to pick on him leading Issac into a temptation as Isaac can be short-tempered and cocky at times.

  • Isaac is the only main character to not be originated from Synthetic Charms, as he did have an early design of his.
  • Issac's original name was going to be Innoton, but since I find the name to be laughable, I decided to go with the name Issac instead.
  • Issac doesn't like horror movies as he claims that horror movies gives him nightmares and freaks him out.
  • Isaac's favorite meal happens to be fish and other seafood that he likes.
  • Issac's personality was orignally going to be more of a mischievous prankster, but I decided to give him more of a shy but downtrodden personality, while giving him some relatable traits to it.
  • The first names of the species of the main characters spells out the acronyms for the word DOS, in which it is an operating-system made by Microsoft for x86-based computers made by Microsoft.
    • The first letter of their names makes up for the acronyms of BIO as well without the s.