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A sarcastic, pessmistic, but well-mannered, and polite squirrel who enjoys listening to electronic and techno music as well as playing video games and reading magazines. Ollie is somewhat intelligent compare to one of his friends, to the point where he's able to get a perfect score in almost every test and quiz given out by one of his teachers in Tortier Middle School. Despite his high intelligence, Ollie isn't much of a social person, as he isn't that good at scoail skills. Though he isn't always that narcissistic, as he is shown to have much respect and care to his friends.

  • Ollie originally came from an abandoned project that I created back in the summer of 2019 when I was 15-16 at the time known as Synthetic Charms, in which his original name was Macaron as this character took much inspiration from a character that I did back then.
  • Ollie was originally going to have a more cynical personality, and was originally going to be a squirrel who has a hobby collecting bottle cap and soda as well the voice-of-reason of the cast. But I decided to scrapped it and made him it with a more tech-savvy squirrel.
    • Ollie's original name was going to be Omeliot, but since I find the name to be a bit off, I decided to stick with the name Ollie instead.
  • Ollie has a complete distaste towards sweets and perfers to eat natural bars and the ones that have nuts in it.
  • Ollie seems to be an expert at video games to the point that he can even beat a single opponent in a match.
  • Ollie is surprisingly good at climbing to the point where he can pull off a wall jump, making him the only member of the grop that could do that.
  • Ollie's original final design resembles more of a chipmunk than an actual squirrel, but this final design however; does resemble more of an actual squirrel
  • The first names of the species of the main character spells out the acronyms for the word DOS, in which it is an operating-system made by Microsoft for x86-based computers made by Microsoft.
    • The first letter of their names makes up for the acronyms of BIO as well without the s.